Well I bet your thinking now who are these traveling buddy’s?  Well I’m one of them and my name is Sebastian or Sebo for short.  Now Sebo might seem to be a weird name, well it’s my name and I like it.   Now that the introductions are over, let’s get on to more interesting things.   I’m thirteen and love sports!  We now live in southern Florida and I hate it because I can’t play sports here, they just are not plausible.  My dad’s in the Army and I’ve moved 6 times in my thirteen years and getting ready for my seventh.  I got over the leaving friends thing after about my second move.  The good thing about it is that I have friends almost everywhere.  I was born in Hawaii and everybody thinks that’s so great and I think it’s cool too.  OK so we are going to Africa and I’m going to be on an FLL team  (First Lego League) and play soccer! I am  looking forward to that.  Got to go blog, later, bye.


For us, at least. This isn’t going to be quite as extreme as Aldous Huxley’s book Brave New World, but I imagine it will be equally surprising for all of us heading over to Africa. We may still be on the same world, but we’ll definitely be worlds apart.

When I first heard about going to Africa my thoughts were something along the lines of “Sure, let’s do it.” The trip was some six months or more away, and at the time it felt like anything could be accomplished in that amount of time. Now, five months until we leave I still feel the same way: We’ve got a long time to get everything done. We’re going to be staying with a family down in South South Africa. The country South Africa, in the southern part of the continent Africa. That lead to a little confusion at first.

It looks like we’re going to be there for around three months or so, and we’ve got plenty planned. If you’ve ever been on an FLL team or read my not-so-aptly-named page Video and Voice Calls over the Internet on my home blog you’ll know what an experience, and a time consuming activity lifestyle FLL is. If you’ve done FLL before you may also know that here in the U.S the max age is 15, or 9th grade. Well that’s not quite the deal in Africa. Over there the max age for FLL is 16, so we will definitely be taking advantage of that difference in rules while we are there and again participate in program known as FLL.

As busy as we will be with FLL though, we are still planning on taking the 18 hour many-mile trip to Capetown as well as going camping and doing all kinds of other activities the whole time we’re there. Even though we will be in Africa with no internet connection where we will be staying, we are still planning on taking classes through Pottersschool.org. The method in which to take these classes has gone back and forth between buying cellular internet cards to connecting our computers to cell phones. Unfortunately neither option will receive a connection in our area, so it looks like we will be driving to the coffee shop twice a week to take classes.

Not that the internet dilemma has been out only hurtle to overcome though. Another problem has been a vehicle while we are down there. At the beginning I wasn’t aware that a vehicle was part of the plan; I dunno how I thought we would be getting around, but that wasn’t something that came to mind. As it turns out though we will be getting a vehicle of some sort, either sharing with another family we are traveling with, or renting our own.

Baggage. From what I’ve heard so far we will all be allowed one 40 pound bag to check at the gate, and then a backpack and a carry-on in the plane. At least, that’s what I think is the deal. I could be way off base here. The plan is to pack around a week’s worth of clothes, give or take, and put as much other stuff in there as we will be able to. Camping gear, tents, mosquito netting, poncho’s etc will all hopefully fit in to a bag here and there, thus making it easier to enjoy the wilderness while we’re out in Africa.

Well that’s all I can think about for right now. That’s a general summary of what we’re planning and how things are going.



Well, here we go!

I wanted to start a blog that will give our family a place to share our journey.  We are in the process of moving across the United States, retiring from the Army, and packing off for a three month tour of South Africa!  Wow, I am exhausted just typing that and I’m going to actually do it??!!

I am not undertaking this alone, I have four great traveling buddies that will share in the planning and will also help me keep up this blog to let everyone know how we are doing.  We are in the early stages; a great friend just threw the idea out there a month ago and after lots of research and talking to doctors and travel agents, we booked our flights this week.  We leave the USA on September 15th.

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